antagene PROFILE cat

My cat is predestined for reprodution !

I value my cat thanks to its genetic ID card.


ANTAGENE performs the unique DNA fingerprint of my cat.
The identity of my dog is DNA certified.



I am a breeder and I value my stud cats.

As a cat breeder, my females produce kittens and my stud cats are used to perform servicing.

      • I value my stud cats thanks to the genetic identification.
      • I demonstrate the quality of my work and my breeding with the genetic ID card.


How shall I use Genetic Identification ?

      • I gradually perform Genetic Identification of the stud cats of my breeding.
      • I use one stud cat for a servicing with one female of my breeding : I ask for the  genetic ID card of the stud cat : I will be able then to proove the paternity of my kittens.
      • I have a doubt on a double servicing : I can perform a parentage verification and provide the correct information to my Kennel Club.
      • I suspect another stud cat impregnating my female : I want to verify early parentages.


How do I get the genetic ID card of my cat ?

During a visit at my veterinarian, he performs a simple cheeck swab sample (using ANTAGENE DNA kit) and sends it to ANTAGENE.

ANTAGENE extracts DNA and performs the unique DNA fingerprint of my cat.

I receive by postmail, a certificate of genetic identity and a platified genetic ID card.

What is genetic identification  ?

The genetic identification is to determine the unique and unforgeable DNA fingerprint of a cat by analysing its DNA.

The DNA fingerprint is made of 14 genetic markers : 13 markers and 1 marker for gender. The genetic markers are coded in letters. The markers combinaison is different from a cat to another , even if they are related ( except true twins).

The markers panel used by ANTAGENE is following the ISAGF 2010 norm.