antagene PARENTAGE dog

My dog is a future stud dog !

I select a puppy as a future stud dog for its quality.

ANTAGENE performs the unique DNA fingerprint of my puppy
and the parentage verification with its parents.

I get a DNA certified pedigree


I am a breeder and predetermine a puppy for reproduction.

Thanks to the parentage DNA cerfied, I value my lineages, the genealogy of a puppy and my seriousness of my work of selection.

I bring evidences on the quality of my work and through the genetic ID card and DNA certification of the pedigree.


How do I use parentage verification ?

I have already performed the genetic identification of the stud dogs of my breeding.  I ask for the genetic identification of the males outside my breeding used for the servicing of my females.

In the case of an external servicing, I make sure the stud dog is the right dog, he has a certified genealogy and is the parent of the puppies.

If I suspect a double mating, I determine precisely the father of each puppy and I make the right declarations to my Kennel Club.


How do I obtain the DNA certified parentage of my puppy ?

During my visit to the veterinarian, he performs a simple cheeck swab sample on the dog ( using the ANTAGENE DNA sampling  provided) and sends it to ANTAGENE.

ANTAGENE extracts the DNA, establishes the unique  DNA fingerprint, compares it to its declared parents and verifies the genetic compatibility.

I receive by postmail :
a certificate of genetic identity
a genetic ID card for the puppy
a parentage certificate which confirms or not the filliation


What Is genetic identification ? and parentage verification ?

The genetic identification consists to establish the unique and unforgeable DNA fingerprint of a dog,  by analysing its DNA.

The DNA fingerprint is made of 22 genetic markers : 21 markers and 1 marker for gender. The genetic markers are coded in letters. The markers combinaison is different from a dog to another , even if they are related ( except true twins).

During parentage verifiation, ANTAGENE compares the DNA fingerprint of the father, the mother and the puppy. The compatible DNA fingerprints betwwen the puppy and the declared parents certify the lineage and brings a DNA certification of the parentage.

The markers panel used by ANTAGENE is following the ISAG 2006 norm.

The ISAG 2006 norm is recognised and validated at the international level by the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG). The ISAG 2006 norm is recognised by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and used by almost all Laboratories in Europe.

ANTAGENE is a member of ISAG and scored 100% in the inter-laboratory tests conducted in 2012