Samples accepted for DNA testing

2 kind of samples accepted by ANTAGENE:

Good to know
You don't have any ANTAGENE DNA sampling kits to perform a cheek swab? ANTAGENE also accepts blood samples on EDTA tubes (minimum 2ml.). This method of sampling provides an equally reliable result.



cheek swab samplesBLOOD SAMPLE
  • Sampling material provided in the ANTAGENE Kit
  • Whole blood
  • Indolore pour l'animal
  • EDTA tube
  • Quick and simple technique
  • 2 mL

Enclose with the sample:

- The sampling certificate

- The payment or proof of payment (if wire transfer)


How to perform a good cheek swab sample?

  Some precautions before performing the cheek swab sample:

  • The animal shouldn’t have eaten, suckled, or drunk for 30 minutes. 
  • If possible, isolate the animal from its fellow creatures 30 minutes before sampling.
  • Once out of its packaging, the swab must touch the animal to be tested only. In case of doubt, start over the sampling or perform a blood sample. (2 ml in EDTA tube)
  • In the absence of ethanol in the tube, complete with alcohol 90° or, failing that, with alcohol 70°
  • Clean the equipment between each sample (cutting pliers)  

In order to collect the cells of the animal:

  • Slide the swab between the animal’s gum and cheek 
  • To collect peel off cells, gently press the cheek with the thumb and turn the cytobrush for 20 seconds
  • Put the cytobrush in the tube containing ethanol. 
  • Cut the swab just above the brush, so that the tube can easily be closed
  • Check that the tube is not leaking
  • Put the sample number on the sampling certificate
  • After shaking the tube, observing    whitish fragments floating in the solution is a good indicator of a successful sampling.


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