Nude Syndrome in the Birman breed

A serious disease prevented thanks to a DNA test

A serious inherited disease

Nude Syndrome is a Hairless Syndrome associated with an increased sensitivity to infections

Affected cats present a lack of hair from birth with a wrinkled skin. A developpment of sparse short fur is observed with attenuated whiskers during growth. The lack of adult hair will be permanent during the life of the cat.

The increased sensitivity to infections will lead to the death of the animal.

A quite common disease

Around 3,2% of Birmans in France are carrying the genetic mutation responsible for Nude Syndrome. A cat carrying 2 mutations (homozygous mutated) develops this disease and transmits it to 100% of its offspring.

A cat carrier of only one mutation (heterozygous) transmits the defect to 50% of its offspring.

A preventable disease

A cat « carrier » of the mutation will not develop the disease (recessive disease) but transmits it to 50% of its kittens. A stallion « carrier » of the mutation which is used a lot for reproduction, spreads the disease through the breed and helps to increase the frequency of the mutation and multiply the number of affected cats.

A DNA test, called NUDE allows to screen for Nude Syndrome in the Birman breed, with a reliability above 99%.

During the acquisition of a kitten for reproduction purpose or when using a Dam or Sire for a mating, the breeder checks the genetic status of the cat for « Nude Syndrome » asking for the result of the NUDE DNA test. An individual who purchased a kitten can also ensure from the breeder that his parents are not carrying the mutation responsible for the nude Syndrome.

A DNA test easy to perform

Thanks to a simple cheek swab sample, the breeder performs a DNA test (NUDE test) to determinate if the tested cat is clear (Normal Homozygous), carrier (Heterozygous) or affected (Mutated Homozygous) for Nude Syndrome.

The result, displayed on a genetic certificate is valid through the whole life of the animal, allows to provide guarantees for a mating or to justify the sale of a kitten free from Nude Syndrome

A breeder who knows the genetic status of the cat takes no risk, secures its cattery and can then select its breeding cats, adapt matings, avoid the birth of affected kittens and limits the spread of this serious disease in the breed.

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