Figures on AMS in the English Cocker Spaniel in England


1 English Cocker Spaniel out of 6 is concerned by Acral Mutilation Syndrom (AMS) in UK
As of today, more than 475 English Cocker Spaniels from UK have been tested by us within 2 years, and here is what we found  (figures as of June 2016)

Prevalence of AMS in the English Cocker Spaniel breed (in UK) June 2016 :

Out of 475 ECS tested :

57 carriers (12%) : Do not develop the disease but transmits the mutation to 50% of its offspring.
14 affected (2,9%): Will develop the disease and transmits the mutation to 100% of its offspring.
Which means that in one way or another, 1/6 of the English Cocker Spaniels from England are concerned by AMS*.

Consequences for reproduction : Mate your dogs (recessive disease)


* figures based on the dogs tested at ANTAGENE (June 2016)