EFS - Episodic Falling Syndrome/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Collapse with increased limb extensor tone

Neurological condition leading to dyskinesia induced by exercise, excitement or stress and characterised by hypertonicity of all four limbs.
Muscular hypertonicity of the limbs and trunk muscles, "deer-stalker" gait leading sometimes to collapse
Age d'aparition: 
From 14 weeks to 4 years
French population: 14,8% carriers ; English population: 8% carriers ; American population: 12,9% carriers
Gène impliqué: 
Mutation testée: 
15.7kb del, exons 1-3
Autosomal Recessive
Also called "sudden collapse". As Episodic Falling Syndrome is a highly variable condition, some homozygous mutated dogs will not show clinical signs of EFS. Conversely, some dogs can show symptoms close to EFS, this genetic test may then contribute to a differential diagnosis especially between this disease and different types of epilepsy.