Middle Pinscher

Middle Pinscher

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Antagene Séléction

DNA - based testing for hereditary diseases

ANTAGENE provides a certificate displaying the genetic status of a dog or a cat


VWD1 - Von Willebrand's Disease Type I

Mild bleeding disorder

Middle Pinscher

VWD1 - Von Willebrand's Disease Type I

Mild bleeding disorder

Description: Insufficient synthesis of von Willebrand factor, a protein involved in blood coagulation

Symptoms : Important bleedings or haemorrhagic episodes, potentially lethal only after a surgical act or trauma. Spontaneous bleedings of mucous membranes observed in very rare cases

Age of onset : From Birth

Frequency :

Gene involved : VWF

Tested mutation : c.7142C>T

Transmission : Autosomal Recessive

Patent :

Notes : "Attenuate symptoms can exceptionally be observed in heterozygous dogs"

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Antagene Parenté

DNA - Certified parentage

ANTAGENE performs genetic identification and parentage verification for a puppy and a kitten

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Antagene Identité

Genetic Identification

ANTAGENE produces an unique genetic fingerprint of a dog or a cat