Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier

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HFH-A - Hereditary Footpad Hyperkeratosis

Corny feet

Irish Terrier

HFH-A - Hereditary Footpad Hyperkeratosis

Corny feet

Description: Thickening and hardening of footpads resulting from abnormal proliferation of epidermal cells.

Symptoms : Horny protrusions on all footpads, fissures and cracks possibly causing great pain and therefore reduced mobility of the dog. In some cases, nail growth problem, alteration of hair morphology.

Age of onset : Between 4 and 9 months old

Frequency : 11% carriers in European population

Gene involved :

Tested mutation :

Transmission : Autosomal Recessive

Patent :

Notes : The research was led by the team of Prof. Tosso Leeb (University of Bern) in collaboration with Antagene.

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