German Hunting Terrier

German Hunting Terrier

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Antagene Identité

Genetic Identification

ANTAGENE produces an unique genetic fingerprint of a dog or a cat

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Antagene Parenté

DNA - Certified parentage

ANTAGENE performs genetic identification and parentage verification for a puppy and a kitten

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Antagene Séléction

DNA - based testing for hereditary diseases

ANTAGENE provides a certificate displaying the genetic status of a dog or a cat


PLL-A - Primary Lens Luxation

Lens displacement in the eye

German Hunting Terrier

PLL-A - Primary Lens Luxation

Lens displacement in the eye

Description: Partial or complete breakdown of the zonular ligaments suspending the lens

Symptoms : Reddened eye, pain, corneal oedema, glaucoma which can damage the optic nerve causing blindness

Age of onset : Between 3 and 8 years old

Frequency : 44%

Gene involved : ADAMTS17

Tested mutation : c.1473+1G>A

Transmission : Autosomal Recessive

Patent : _

Notes : Primary lens luxation affects both eyes although few weeks or few months can separate luxation from each eye. Some clinical cases are not associate with the mutation.

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