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Antagene Séléction

DNA - based testing for hereditary diseases

ANTAGENE provides a certificate displaying the genetic status of a dog or a cat


DWLM - Dandy-Walker-Like Malformation

Brain disease


DWLM - Dandy-Walker-Like Malformation

Brain disease

Description: Abnormal development and structure of the cerebellum

Symptoms : Non-progressive mild to moderate cerebellar ataxia (truncal sway, subtly uncoordinated gait to episodic rolling or falling), reduced or absent menace reflex. Some dogs may have epileptic seizures, tremors, proprioceptive deficits, nystagmus (abnormal eye movement), strabismus

Age of onset : From a few weeks old

Frequency : 16% carriers

Gene involved : VLDLR

Tested mutation : c.1713delC

Transmission : Autosomal Recessive

Patent : -

Notes :

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Antagene Parenté

DNA - Certified parentage

ANTAGENE performs genetic identification and parentage verification for a puppy and a kitten

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Antagene Identité

Genetic Identification

ANTAGENE produces an unique genetic fingerprint of a dog or a cat