Patents and Licenses

DNA test with utilisation licences/ patents (NCL-A/ ICT-A/ FN)

ANTAGENE owns one unique and exclusive license to sell and perform in its laboratory the following DNA tests :

NCL-A (Cerebellar Ataxia of American staffordshire Terrier) Worldwide exclusive License
ICT-A (Ichthyosis of Golden Retriever) Worldwide exclusive License
NF (Familial Nephropathy of English Cocker Spaniel) European Exclusive License

These DNA tests are the results of researches and efforts to improve the health of purebreed dogs and cats.

Only ANTAGENE masters the performing process of these DNA tests to guarantee a 99.9% accuracy of the results delivered.

ANTAGENE is comitted to the improvement of cats and dogs health and puts a lot of effort into many research programmes on diseases in order to propose to breeders and veterinarians new DNA screening tests for serious hereditary diseases for dogs and cats.

Please consult these programmes on our webpage dedicated to your breed (conult your breed page from our homepage)

Legal mention :

NCL-A test : Patent INRA-ENVA

ICT-A test : Patent CNRS-Rennes 1

NF test : Merlogen Patent