ANTAGENE has developed internationally recognised expertise in the fields of hereditary diseases in dogs and cats, molecular genetics, and canine and feline genomics.

ANTAGENE is one of the few companies in the world deploying research programmes on genetic diseases in dogs and cats.

ANTAGENE’s mission is to identify the genes and mutations involved in the hereditary diseases most seriously affecting animal health and well-being, and to develop reliable DNA tests for early testing and diagnosis.

Our R&D team works with leading research teams from around the world within the framework of European and international programmes on cardiac, neurological, kidney and skin diseases and cancers affecting dogs and cats.

These programmes receive funding from national, European or international initiatives, such as EuroTransBio, Eurostars or the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7).

ANTAGENE works in close partnership with the “Dog Genetics” team headed by Dr Catherine André (CNRS-University of Rennes 1) and the team headed by Dr Laurent Tiret and Marie Abitbol (ENVA Maison-Alfort).

ANTAGENE is associated with the DNA bank “CaniDNA” and a participant in the multi-species biological resource centre “CRB-Anim” funded by the National Research Agency (ANR).

For a given genetic disease, each development and research programme involves five key steps:
• recruiting cases of healthy and affected animals in collaboration with specialised veterinarians, breeders and breed clubs
• identifying the genomic regions involved in the disease by scanning the whole genome using DNA microarray technology
• identifying the gene and the mutation with high-speed sequencing
• population-based validation of the causal mutation
• perfecting the molecular genetics technique in order to guarantee over-99% reliability for the DNA test

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