From day one, ANTAGENE has been committed to the following quality objectives:
• result reliability above 99.9%
• flawless traceability from the receipt of orders to delivery of results
• continuous improvement of lead times
• accurate technical and scientific information
• dedicated customer service, from advising customers to processing orders
• personal online accounts with secure login

To ensure and improve quality in our everyday operations, ANTAGENE’s quality management system relies on:
• a rigorous team of engineers and advanced technicians
• precise procedures
• constant quality checks from the receipt of samples to delivery of results
• a specially developed information system (LIMS)

Quality at ANTAGENE has been recognised by various external bodies:
• ISO 9001 certification issued by Dekra
• score of 100% on the inter-laboratory test conducted in 2012 by ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics).

The laboratory is also currently completing the ISO 17025 accreditation process.