Place an Order for a pet already tested



You need a DNA new test on your animal already tested ?
Re-use the DNA of your animal* using the request form on DNA stored at antagene


Y o u   d o n ' t   n e e d   t o   r e - s a m p l e   y o u r   a n i m a l
ANTAGENE has stocked the DNA of your animal

You and your veterinarian will receive the resulft of this new test by email



To place an order on DNA stored at ANTAGENE, you have to :

1/ Download and print the Test request form on DNA stocked at ANTAGENE

2 / Fill in and sign the form

3/ Send back the form by postmail or email to ANTAGENE at

4 / Enclosed the payment of the new test requested by postmail or email




How can you pay the test ?

  • by credit card
  • by bank transfert

(> fill-in and enclose the payment form)


6 allée du Levant
CS 60001
69890 La Tour de Salvagny


To know the tests available for the breed of your animal,
go to our homepage and use the breed research bar


* On condition the quality and quantity of DNA are sufficient