Mate my dog (recessive disease)

Transmission of a recessive inherited disease

Knowing the genetic status of its stud dogs helps to :

  • Protect its kennel
  • Prevent an inherited disease by adapting matings

By using ANTAGENE selection DNA tests, you can know the genetic status of your stud dogs regarding an inherited disease


3 possible genetic status for a recessive disease :

Normal Homozygous (clear) : Doesn’t develop the disease and doesn’t transmit the mutation

Heterozygous (carrier) : Doesn’t develop the disease but transmits the mutation to 50% of its offspring

Mutated Homozygous (affected) : Will develop the disease and transmits it to 100% of its offspring


The consequences for reproduction are (statistical data) :



ANTAGENE advices :

For diseases with a frequence above 10% : carrier dogs can be used for reproduction purposes if mated with a clear dog in order to maintain the genetic diversity of the breed.

For diseases with a frequency below 10% : it is prefered to exclude carrier dogs, in order to avoid the spread of the disease.


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