ANTAGENE was founded in Lyon in 2002 by Guillaume Queney and Delphine Delattre.

Understanding the issues surrounding pet health, the two geneticists focused their knowledge and expertise in genetics on finding solutions in this area. Advances in DNA technologies made it possible to reduce the cost of developing and producing DNA tests, providing tools which could improve animal health.

Guillaume Queney holds a doctorate in Genetics and an MBA; he was a researcher at National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) for five years.
Delphine Delattre holds a doctorate in Genetics and was a researcher at the University of Paris-Sud for five years.

ANTAGENE was a pioneer in Europe and found itself in the heart of the action in both market innovation, with new breeding and veterinary practices, and technological innovation, with products to be developed and made reliable.

Over the last ten years, ANTAGENE has proven its abilities in developing a range of more than 40 DNA tests, establishing a commercial presence in France and then deploying it abroad, and industrialising its production in order to produce high volumes of DNA tests while ensuring excellent quality.


December 2012: Antennas opened in England and Italy

December 2012 : New commercial offer and new website deployed

September 2012 : Commercial activity deployed abroad and COFACE funding received to develop export prospects

July 2012 : Inauguration of new premises including a cutting-edge 500-square-meter laboratory enabling the production of more than 200,000 DNA tests per year

2011 : The company receives European Eurostars funding for work on heart diseases

2010 : ANTAGENE receives ISO 9001 certification

2009 : The investor Octalfa provides financial support to encourage the company's growth

2008 : Launch of the European LUPA project on genetic diseases in dogs under the 7th Framework Programme

2006 : ANTAGENE receives European EuroTransBio funding for work on neurological diseases

2003 : Investors provide financial support to ensure the company’s growth and investments

2002 : Winner of the national French competition for innovative startups (Concours National de Création d’Entreprises Innovantes)

2002 : ANTAGENE is founded by Guillaume Queney and Delphine Delattre

2001 : Incubation with the support of Créalys, Novacité (CCI-Lyon) and the Rhône-Alpes Region