Genetic testing for Lethal Acrodermatitis (LAD)

December 2017

Animal Health Trust, United Kingdom

Antagene, France

University of Bern, Switzerland

University of Helsinki, Finland

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

University of Rennes, France

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria


Genetic testing for Lethal Acrodermatitis (LAD)

We are pleased to inform you about research progress regarding lethal acrodermatitis (LAD) in Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers. After intensive research in an international consortium we identified the causative genetic defect for LAD.

LAD is inherited with monogenic autosomal recessive inheritance.

Thanks to the results of our study, genetic testing for LAD will become possible at specialized laboratories. This will help to avoid the non-intentional breeding of affected puppies.


Starting January 15th, 2018, the genetic test will be offered by

Animal Health Trust (

Antagene (

Genoscoper Laboratories (, offering later in spring 2018)

PennGen (

The University of Bern will not provide a genetic test for LAD.


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