You perform DNA test on your animals and you expect a high quality of service from ANTAGENE.

ANTAGENE guarantees you for years a traceability and a reliability above 99%.

From the sample certification, by the veterinary, to the results, the DNA kit proposed by ANTAGENE is the first essential link to get quality and chain of custody :

  • An unique tube number to authenticate the sample
  • This number is used to track the sample to the laboratory til you get the results
  • The cheek swab sample is kept into a tube to avoid external contamination ,
  • The alcohol in the tube avoids degradation of the DNA
  • Quantity and quality of DNA are assured to ensure a reliable result
  • The sampling can be used in more than 99% of cases

Several different DNA tests can be performed from the same cheek swab sample.

Moreover, for every order online, by email or telephone, one DNA kit will be sent to you,  within 24 hours. Our DNA kits are sent free of charges.