Breed Club

For many breeders, the Breed Club is a reference for carrying out their selecting work and implementing DNA tests in their kennel.

ANTAGENE proposes to breed clubs some partnerships during their Dogs shows to support breeders in this process.

As a Breed Club ...

You want to make easier the access to DNA test for your club members:

ANTAGENE proposes you partnership and discounts.

Following to your needs, ANTAGENE suggests you :

- DNA sampling kits free of charges
- Documentation
- Discounts on ANTAGENE DNA tests *

During a show (national or regional), a veterinarian is present to perform the cheek swab samples, and you want to set up a sampling session.


Our sales team will help you to plan the sampling session for your events. You can contact us by phone : +33 4 37 49 90 03 or by email :


* Fixed-term and cannot be added to another discount