AMS - Acral Mutilation Syndrome / English Cocker Spaniel

Lesions on distal extremities caused by self-mutilation

Self-mutilation of limb extremities linked with located insensivity to pain
Lesions on distal extremities caused by self-mutilation, loss of sensivity to pain on distal limbs, tendency to lick or bite their own pads resulting in auto-amputation of claws, digits and footpads in severe cases, no limping
Age d'aparition: 
From 3 to 12 months
7% carriers in English population
Gène impliqué: 
Mutation testée: 
Autosomal Recessive
This DNA test is the result of researches and efforts to improve the health and to determine the risk for purebreed dogs to develop Acral Mutilation Syndrome. The team "Canine Genetics" from CNRS-Université de Rennes I led the research that allowed the development of this risk test. Only Antagene masters the performing process of this DNA test.