ANTAGENE's expertise is based on the skill and know-how of our highly-qualified team, who are in constant contact with the best research teams in the world. 
Guillaume Queney
Delphine Delattre 
Top Management 
Guillaume Queney: Chief Executive Officer 
Delphine Delattre : Operations Manager 
Sgaramella Christine : Personnal Assistant
Research & Development team 
Develops and improves DNA tests in collaboration with international research teams specialising in genetic diseases affecting dogs and cats. Expertise in canine and feline genomics and bioinformatics
Caroline Dufaure de Citres: R&D Engineer 
Cécile Kaerle: R&D Engineer
Production team 
Processes DNA tests, from receipt of the order to genetic analyses in the laboratory and issuing the results. Expertise in molecular genetics and bioinformatics
Estelle Olivain: Advanced Technician 
Mathilde Verdier : Advanced Technician
Kévin Mornieux : Advanced Technician
Méline Corniquel : Advanced Technician
Manon Silvestre : Advanced Technician
Alexia Grandferry : Advanced Technician
Customer Service - Sales team :
Marion Descamps: Marketing & Communication Manager
Maryline Magnière: Custome Service Representative
Erika Letessier: Customer Service Representative 
Marine Jacob : Custome Service Representative
Loyola Cézard : Customer Service Representative